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Bild zu Sigmund Freud Museum
Bild 2 zu Sigmund Freud Museum

Sigmund Freud Museum

Exhibition on the origins of psychoanalysis
The Sigmund Freud Museum documents the life and work of the founder of psychoanalysis
in the former practice and living rooms in Berggasse 19. Sigmund Freud lived and worked here for 47 years from 1891 until 1938 when he was driven into exile. Breakthrough works such as "The Interpretation of Dreams" or "Totem and Taboo," were written in his study.

Private footage and personal items
In a unique private room video footage of the Freud family can be seen from the thirties. Original furnishings from the estate of Freud, including the waiting room of his private practice and part of his collection of antiques as well as autographs and first editions of his works are shown and reflect the environment in which patients were analyzed and a new science arose.

Art collection and special exhibitions
Special exhibitions and a collection of contemporary conceptual art show the influence of psychoanalysis on contemporary art and society.

Every day from 9am–6pm
Berggasse 19, 1090, Wien

Rate per person: EUR 8,–


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