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Bild zu Mozart Requiem

Mozart Requiem

The Viennese St. Charles's Church (Karlskirche) which is just a few hundred meters from Mozart's place of death and which is one of the most impressive buildings of Vienna is the place of performance of Mozart's last opus the REQUIEM.

The performers are the choir of the Salzburg Konzertgesellschaft and the Orchester 1756, all in all there are 40 musicians on stage. The Orchester 1756 plays music on „historic instruments“. You will experience a concert corresponding to the ambiance and the sound of the 18th century.

You can't experience Mozart's music in a more authentic, touching and „real“ way in Vienna!

April–October: SAT at 8.15pm
Rates per person:
Cat VIP*) EUR 44,– / Code: WIREQUV
Cat A EUR 36,– / Code: WIREQUA
Cat B EUR 29,– / Code: WIREQUB
*) reserved seats in the first 5 rows

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